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No Blueprints Needed

One man's need for a new computer sparked the desire for the creation of a new company. Plans were in place for the layout and an empty shell was chosen; the process had begun. After long hard hours of demolition and building, painting and cleaning; the paper on the windows was almost ready to be taken down. The staff would have to be versatile, knowledgeable and creative. Each was chosen for the skills they possessed and not one was like the other. Each one unique in their designs and personalities. No blueprints, just ideas.

Our creative lead had to be someone educated and skilled in all types of design. We found Leslie. She oozes with sarcasm most of the time, but she'll keep a smile on your face and a chuckle in your belly. It's no surprise she loves children, though she has none of her own yet, and her love for macaroni and cheese is unmatched by any. Her creativity and eye for elegant design and ability to see your ideas and bring them to life made her the perfect choice for the job. From invitations to flyers and logos she has always risen above all customer expectations and created something beautiful and unique.

We needed someone knowledgeable about printing as well as creative with design. We found Greg. This man can tell you anything you need to know about paper. Literally. Anything. Sure of himself, he never falters with grammar or his printing capabilities. He has a love for animation that runs deep and for a reason. His characters look as though they're right out of a comic book; flawless in their design and true to their form. He's a bit quirky in his own way and tells jokes that remind you of your dad; so corny you almost forget to laugh at times. He has a great sense of humor once you get to know him though and will have you laughing in no time.

We searched for driven, dedicated designers who were diverse in their abilities. Brian is self-taught and determined in his work. At 22, Brian had already started his own business designing t-shirts and selling his own designs. Soft spoken, and possibly a bit hard of hearing, he has the qualities we were looking for when we decided to make our business dedicated to the best customer service you can find. Like the other team members, he has the ability to hear your ideas and bring them to life through his designs.

Someone had to do the writing and have knowledge of what the masses were looking for. Arwen became the face of the company and the social media strategist. With sarcasm of her own, she also possesses a kind heart and a great ear for listening. Her design abilities are unlike those of the other team members in that she works better with words than pictures. Also a bit of a grammar nazi, she easily became the creator of documents and resumes. Working mostly from home during design hours and stepping away and meeting with the masses enables her to be what she was intended to be; a mother.

With everyone designing, we needed someone to spread the word about what we were doing. Kayla stepped in to go out in the world and tell people there was a better way than standing in line for prints or spending hours trying to market their services and products. She works hard at any task given and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She has a soft smile and a great knowledge of what our company has to offer.

When you have such a unique team and so much diversity, someone has to bring it all together. Vince has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to business, and the ability to learn quickly. He became our leader and the go-to man when something out of the ordinary was needed. He's serious when it's needed and has a way with words. He cares about his family more than anything but gives all he can to our company both day and night. Nothing can keep him down.

When it all began we couldn't have told you our team would be this diverse. Every one of us has our own large personality and even if we occasionally bump heads, we're in it together and can always work together to complete any task. Our goal is customer service above all else and we plan to show the world what a difference that can make.

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